Steakhaus Productions is an award-winning film and media production company bringing bold new visions to audiences across multiple platforms. Headed by producers Steak House and Dominic Ottersbach, Steakhaus provides comprehensive development, production, post-production, festival and distribution strategies.

Since 2000, Steakhaus has produced 20 films and countless media projects including TV series, web series, branded content, commercials and music videos. Our films are currently in distribution with NBC/Universal, Disney, Magnolia, Syfy, IFC, Showtime and many more. Prior to distribution, many of their films had prestigious festival debuts including, Toronto, LAFF, Tribeca, SXSW, Outfest and Sundance.


Like the Bauhaus founders who helped inspire our name, Steakhaus Productions firmly believes there is a vital connection between usefulness and beauty. Our filmmakers have a strong personal connection to their material, resulting in brave, tender, hilarious and sometimes twisted cinematic visions that deliver entertainment and satisfaction to our audiences. We hold commercial viability on par with artistic merit because we’re determined to get our projects out to the audiences who want them.